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 RF-Link designs, manufactures and markets wireless consumer electronics products for nowadays home and SOHO environment. It has been one of the leading R& D and manufacturers in the industry since 1995. In 2004, it merged with Araneus USA, Inc. and became a division of Araneus USA, Inc.

With its R&D partners and facilities in Taiwan and China, RF-Link is the first company that provides 5.8 GHz solution in wireless video/audio transmission in US consumer market. Our line of product includes Wavecom series AV sender, security monitor, hand-held LCD security/baby monitor, outdoor weather-proof camera, portable satellite dish and a wide spectrum of the wireless electronics products such as IP-Cam and video server.

Over the past years, we have successfully established a strong manufacturing representative and dealer network. We welcome you to join us in this fast-growing global network and we are committed to provide you with innovative wireless solutions and to enhance your profitability.
 To effectively and efficiently enhance the security and convenience of consumer electronics products with cutting edge technological developments in conjunction with the best industry-proven solutions.
 In correspondence to our Mission, RF-Link strives to deliver best proven solution to ensure the complete satisfaction of its consumers, and to the maximum success of its loyal business partners.
 At RF-Link, we are innovative, professional and passionate about our work; we seek people who share the same passion so we can work together and delight our customers by creating extraordinary and lasting experience through our products and services. RF-Link promotes a diverse workforce and provides equal opportunity to all candidates on the basis of demonstrated ability, experience, training, and potential. To learn about available opportunities, please feel free to contact our Human Resource by sending email to, or call 510-413-5886 for more details.

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