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5.8GHz Wireless 8-Channel Indoor Audio/Video System

Model Number: AVS-5808

  • Robust and durable designed for industrial/commercial indoor wireless AV application
  • Ideal for portable covert surveillance applications.
  • Transmission range can be over 7 km when combine with high-gain antenna and amplifier.
  • 5.8 GHz frequency avoid interference from any 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz applications.
  • Low profile housing and convenient slots for permanent mounting.

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    • Robust and durable, designed for industrial, commercial indoor wireless audio/video application.
    • Ideal for portable, temporary and/or covert surveillance applications.
    • 8 user selectable channels.
    • Strong immunity of interference from any of 900 MHz or 2.4GHz application such as Cordless phone, 802.11b/g Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, Microwave oven, etc.
    • Low profile metal housing design with convenient slots for permanent mounting.
    • Convenient front panel frequency selection, video gain adjustment, power switch & indicator.
    • Capable in transmitting stereo audio.
    • Operating voltage from 8.0 to 32 volts DC with 90%+ efficient, low noise switching voltage regulators.
    • Transmission range up to 300 feet with clear line-of-sight.
    • Transmission range can be over 7 km with combination of high gain antenna and RF-Link’s 1 watt amplifier (APW-1000). See chart for more details.

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