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5.8GHz 8 Channel RF Mini Module

Model Number: AWM-5860

  • Mini transmitter module design (32 mm x 29 mm).
  • 5.8 GHz band FM-FM modulation/demodulation.
  • Compatible with both NTSC and PAL video formats.
  • FCC, CE, and EN 300 440 certified.
  • Perfect for OEM/ODM covert surveillance application.

    Technical Specification

    Transmitter module:

    General Specifications
    Input voltage(module)DC 8V~14V
    Current consumption 65mA(TYPICAL)@DC12V
    Antenna type helical
    Operating temperature 0 ~ +50
    Storage temperature -20C ~ +70C
    Operating humidity less than 85%
    Storage humidity less than 90%
    Mechanical description29.26mm(W) *32.76mm(L) *7.0mm(H)
    Electrical Specifications
    RFOutput power @connector13dBm (max)

    Modulatioln type

    Channel frequency (8 CH)CH1: 5733MHz
    CH2: 5752MHz
    CH3: 5771MHz
    CH4: 5890MHz
    CH5: 5809MHz
    CH6: 5828MHz
    CH7: 5847MHz
    CH8: 5866MHz
    Frequency stability250KHz
    Output flatness2 dB
    Video Input level1V p-p (75 ohms Load)
    Impedance75 ohms
    Pre-emphasisNTSC and PAL
    AudioInput level30mV p-p (minimum)
    Frequency response20160Hz ~ 6KHz
    Audio carrier frequency (L)6.5MHz 25KHz
    Audio distortion3% max. THD

    Receiver module:

    General Specifications
    Input voltage DC 5V 0.15V
    Current consumption <220mA
    Antenna type Patch
    Operating temperature 0C to 60C
    Storage temperature -20C to 80C
    Operating humidity Less than 85%
    Storage humidity Less than 90%
    Dimensions 29.47mm x 44.12mm x 10.5mm
    Electrical Specifications
    RFInput frequency range 5733 ~ 5866MHz

    Input level @connector

    -25 to -85dBm
    Antenna Port Impedance50 ohms
    Gain flatness3 dB max
    Input return loss(@50 ohms)-10 dB typical
    Video Output level1Vp-p 0.15Vp-p Load
    Impedance75 ohms
    De-emphasisNTSC & PAL
    AudioOutput level2 Vp-p
    Impedance2K ohms
    Frequency response30Hz ~ 12KHz

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