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Wireless HD smart I-CAM
VMI-1201 is a wireless network camera. What makes it so special is it supports both Apple iOS and Android OS, simply download the free Apps over internet, and with its easy set up, you'll be able to monitor your home, office, storage, elders, babies, pets..... on your smartphone or tablet. It also come with temperature sensor, night vision, Pan-Tilt-Zoom, 2-way talk and motion/voice detection..... Unlike other brands of baby monitor that you need to carry a monitor around the house, VMI-1201 allow parents to monitor and view babies or elders via your own smartphone or tablet, it is much simpler and easier...

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Digital Wireless Security/Baby Monitor
ABM-4161 is the latest development of Wireless+Digital security/baby monitor system from RF-Link. It provides the perfect solution in flexibility and mobility for anyone to monitoring baby, elder person at home, and business environment such as convenient stores, apartment…. Its unique features include longer wireless transmission range (approx. 450 ft.)...

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5.8GHz 8-CH camera


AWS-5882-01B is the latest development of 5.8 GHz wireless outdoor surveillance camera from RF-Link. It not only sends streaming video/audio signal wirelessly to monitor or TV for local monitoring and recording, but also works with RF-Link’s video server (AWS-5832-VSR) as a wireless IP-based surveillance system.

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5.8GHz/IP video server
Unlike most of the IP surveillance systems limited by network bandwidth when sending video or image, RF-Link’s 5.8 GHz Wireless Video Server provides a brand new option in transmitting streaming video from any of your CCTV camera to the receiver, and convert it into a wireless IP-Based surveillance application. Especially when combine with RF-Link’s 5.8 GHz outdoor camera (AWS-5882-01B), you may easily monitor and record from locally and over the internet simultaneously.

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Wireless High-Definition AV Transmitter and Receiver
WHD-5001 is the most advanced Wireless High-Definition AV Sender from RF-Link, it transmits wireless HD video signal from any HD video source such as Set-top box, Blu-ray player, game console, DVR, etc to your HDTV (or projector) anywhere in the house, and capable of control your source device from remote location...

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Digital AVTransmitter
DAV-2450 is a wireless digital video sender designed at 2.4GHz. It covers more than 80 channels via hopping mode for CCTV utilization and allows user to transmit high D1 (VGA+) resolution video wirelessly thru. walls or ceilings without messy cable installation. With its advanced security ID coded, the communication privacy is surely guaranteed...

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5.8 GHz Wireless AV Sender
The 5.8GHz wireless video/audio sender consists of one transmitter and one receiver. This device transmits vivid video and hi-fi stereo sound from a VCR, TV set, LD, DVD, VCD, Satellite Receiver or cable set top box wirelessly to any TV or monitor. It can also be used in conjunction with a camcorder or CCD camera to produce a wireless security monitoring system...

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5.8 GHz 8-channel Wireless AV Sender
The AVS-5808 has an advanced design, using a 5.8GHz wireless 8 channels indoor audio/video transmission system; it has a strong immunity from the crowded 2.4GHz band. Featuring 8 user-selectable channels, and a robust and low profile metal housing design with convenient slots for permanent mounting, it is indeed an ideal solution for industrial, commercial usage when a multiple indoor wireless audio/video application is required.

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5.8GHz 8 Channel RF Module
RF-Link's 8-channel A/V module is the foremost design in the 5.8GHz RF transmission. It is mainly used in the outdoor surveillance camera application, where the feature of 8 RF channels available for manual selection is quite popular. In addition, the issue of interference commonly seen in 2.4 GHz home entertainment market is also getting more and more wide-spreading in the surveillance industry.

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5.8GHz 8 Channel RF Mini Module
RF-Link's 8-channel A/V module is the foremost design in the 5.8GHz RF transmission. It is mainly used in the in/outdoor surveillance camera application, where the feature of 8 RF channels available for manual selection is quite popular. Especially with its mini size transmitter module design (only 32mm x 29 mm), it is perfect to incorporate in covert surveillance, this make AWM-5860 the best solution provided in OEM/ODM specialty market.

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5.8 GHz 1W Amplifier
APW-1000 is designed for extending the range of 5.8Ghz wireless RF operating devices, a perfect power booster in co-working with RF-Link's 5.8GHz 4 and 8 channel module for OEM/ODM design in audio/video transmission and surveillance industry. Its robust and durable design is weatherproof and is ideal for use in a commercial/industrial outdoor environment.

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